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About Wells Propane

Wells Propane is in the comfort business! We make you comfortable by providing warm homes, hot water, dry fluffy clothes, and cooked meals. And, we do it better than anyone else!

We provide unmatched propane delivery service with our certified delivery personnel and well-maintained fleet. With our "Keep Full" program you need never worry about running out of propane. That's because we track your usage and schedule deliveries to ensure you never run out of Propane. We strive to do this better than anyone else in the industry.

For extra security while you're away, we can also install a remote sensing system to monitor the temperature in your house and your tank level.

Do you know that we also sell and install virtually any kind of propane appliance? We have certified service technicians, with over 100 years of combined experience. They are on call 24 hours a day to ensure that our residential or commercial customers get the very best appliance or heating system repair day, night, weekend or holiday. We understand that your furnace or your water heater don't always schedule their problems during normal business hours, so we schedule technicians to be available every hour of every day.

We pride ourselves in over 65 years in the business and the overwhelming customer loyalty we enjoy due to our never ending quest to provide the best service excellence in the business. We have many customer programs that are tailored specifically to our customers' needs.

Wells Propane History

Wells Propane was formed in 1956 by Daryl and Phyllis Eriksen, to serve the towns of Wells, Wendover and Jackpot, Nevada. They started out with three customers, one in each town. Since then Wells Propane Inc has grown to serve over 4000 customers throughout most of North Eastern Nevada. Wells Propane continues to hold the oldest Class 1 Propane Dealers license in the State of Nevada.

In 1990 Daryl and Phyllis retired and turned the company over to their three sons: Mike, Jay and Tom. These three are continuing the locally owned tradition. In addition, three of Daryl and Phyllis' grandchildren work for the company; Deveron, Kelly and Lindy are working at the Wells Headquarters.

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